"Giggles" the Clown
 "Giggles" the Clown

Balloon Twisting

Balloon animals; Parrots, Swans, Dogs, Lady bug bracelets, Turtles watches, Cobra, Swords with scabores, Flowers, Wands,All kinds or Hats, and much much more! 

Face Painting

All kinds of FUN- Princess, Butterfly, Puppy dogs, Tigers, Batman, Spiderman, Ninja turtles, Hello Kitty, Minnie mouse, Snakes, and so much more.

Kid's Magic Show

Wow!!! So many wonderful Magicians! Together we make MAGIC happen~

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Giggles the Clown
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Phone: 850 244 0920 850 244 0920

E-mail: gigglestheclown4fun@gmail.com

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